Peak Resilience


Peak Resilience Counselling 


Peak Resilience is a leading counseling practice in Vancouver, BC specializing in empowering all people to live authentic, meaningful lives.

Concrete Cashmere was engaged to provide design, construction, and furniture sourcing for this new, 14-room office within the downtown core. 

With almost 3,000 sq.ft. of space, the floor plan was maximized to feature 11 private offices incorporated with a high level of sound dampening to ensure the utmost privacy for Peak Resilience’s practice.  The new construction also includes a boardroom, custom-designed stonework for a full kitchen and millwork for the reception and serving area, as well as HVAC and sprinkler upgrades.

The interior design and aesthetics for each room were essential in making sure that the office feels welcoming and breathes life. The furniture selected were comfortable, yet provided a vibrant setting that can resemble one’s livingroom.  Concrete Cashmere curated a mix and match of both modern and cozy pieces from a variety of sources and finished with wood cabinetry, gold accent lamps, and interesting wall displays.  

“Incredibly responsive; fast email response times, texting, checking in via phone, meeting me on site with short notice. Professional and clear in communication; I always felt “in the loop” and that things were fully transparent. Kind/fun to work with, a great team of great humans.  [Concrete Cashmere provided] a full service. You guys took care of basically everything.”

Jennifer Hollinshead

Founder and Clinical Director, Peak Resilience

Project Duration
11 weeks


Peak Resilience


Unit 601 – 808 Nelson St. Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2H2

2,856 sq. ft.


Design, Construction, Furnishing

Project Lead
Lenny Wang

Nicole Coston

Tracy Chen


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