If you’re not familiar with your city’s bylaws, obtaining a permit for commercial construction or renovation projects can get overwhelming if not frustrating. Not submitting permit applications purposely or unintentionally can warrant severe and most likely, costly penalties from the city.


Here are some construction activities that generally require a permit:

  • Major construction of a new building or to an existing building
  • Creating a new space within an existing structure
  • Removing interior walls within a building 
  • Overhaul of existing plumbing, electrical, or gas lines
  • Conducting structural repairs
  • Extending an existing space, including the addition of a garage or terrace
  • Signage installation
  • Fit-out or tenant improvements in new or existing commercial space
  • Change-of-use of an existing commercial space


In addition, each municipality requires specific documentation and have different estimated review timelines for processing various permit applications. These can include architectural and engineer drawings, schedules, and occupancy load calculations, to name a few. Failing to provide all of the necessary information timely or accurately can result in delays or stop orders. Consequently, working with trades that are not familiar with proper permit applications can lead to legal or financial issues.  


It is best practice to obtain a permit for any construction activity before conducting the work. Hiring knowledgeable and experienced design and construction firms will, ultimately, help make the process efficient and keep your project on track. 


Our company has built its reputation for being meticulous and well-informed when applying for construction permits. We can help accelerate the review process and provide our clients with overall better project experience.

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