Office spaces have undoubtedly been through an evolution of styles and trends in the past decade. Our generation has not only seen first-hand how technology has shaped businesses but also welcomed redefined social attitudes of customers and prospective employees. The acceptance of new office practices bring unique influence over the landscape of office designs, prompting employers to provide beyond merely a place of work and offer an environment that’s reflective of the current working culture.


As we fully settle into the new year and a new decade, we take a look at some of the workplace trends we expect to see more of this year.

Adaptivity is Key

Firm Architecture Design


The modern office designs require an integrated but dynamic approach to ensure that companies can adapt to real-time business needs. We can see common spaces like the boardroom converted into an active space of classroom-learning and reception areas as a casual meeting spot. These transformative spaces make the most out of rentable square footage and available real estate that’s often lacking in downtown cores. Inspired by a “share” culture, expect office spaces accessible to varying user groups and more communal areas that suspend nonconformity standards of its functionality.

Greener Diversity


Warm, biophilic details with reclaimed wood, hanging plants, and green walls have been a staple accent piece for many offices in the last years. However, as innovation will have it, sustainability and biophilic designs take on vibrant new forms. Expect movable office dividers embedded with live greenery, repurposed timber accentuating reception areas from floor to ceiling, and biodynamic lighting mimicking natural sunlight to liven up workspaces. To better engage the workforce, design firms provide solutions by incorporating nature in office designs in all possibilities. Shifting green can undoubtedly help set up employees for a purposeful workday.

Human-Centric Policy


Culture shift takes office design to consider people’s work habits and employee satisfaction. Although companies and offices have become more dynamic, the majority of employees still spend a heft of their time in sedentary positions wreaking havoc on employee productivity. 

This year, we can look forward to offices investing in furniture from manufacturers like Global Furniture Group and Made by Pair that produce meticulously designed and science-driven collection of office furnishings. More companies are taking in the role of putting their people first – an approach that’s now become a staple in many businesses’ values.

Design Loves Functionality 


As much as trends propel the aesthetic of the space, its utility is all-encompassing. The emergence of “micro-habitats” in activity-based workplaces marries style and functionality with simplified office equipment and modular furniture equipped with technology like power and USB receptacles to section the office space while providing liberty for visual details. An employee can traverse throughout the office smoothly without loss of productivity, indeed pivoting traditional office layouts. 

Reconnecting an Untethered Culture


Truly connecting people in this era has become a venture on its own. With more companies allowing for remote work, and equally, people opting to work independently, there is little need for formal office spaces. As a result, firms are putting hyper emphasis on designs that “feel at home” with residential-style furnishings allow employees to feel a level of comfort while at work.

This year’s office trends showcase many organization’s efforts to integrate the 3P model of business: Purpose, People, and Profits because one without the others can hinder the longevity of a business’s position in this ever-changing marketplace.

We’re as excited to help and work with firms to define their offices into spaces that are truly reflective of their values. Our experienced team put our client’s best interest at the forefront of our designs and construction projects. Feel free to contact us about how our design-build approach can bring your vision to life.

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