As modern organizations consider the design of their office to showcase their brand identity, many offices are also giving more thought about how to boost employee satisfaction, creativity, productivity, and overall health by investing in quality workstations, ergonomic seating, and functional common areas.


Typically, aesthetic and utility are the main focus when designing an office space; however, choosing the right furniture can play a significant role in promoting healthy work habits and engaging employees. This also helps in developing a culture where the employees feel supported and valued in the workplace.

Consider these furnishing solutions when reconfiguring or fitting out your office space:

Ergonomic Seating

Concrete Cashmere Furniture Dealer

Global Furniture G20™ Ergonomic Office Seating

An average employee working in an office can spend approximately one-third of their day sitting at a desk. Over their working term, prolonged inactivity of the body can pose significant long-term risks. From developing muscle strain to chronic pain, investing in proper ergonomics is imperative to reduce unnecessary stress that can lead to sick leaves and reduced productivity from fatigue.

Perhaps, most desk chairs can look similar and seemingly provide the same functionality; but with an ergonomic task chair it will be more comfortable for the user to sit in for a long period.  Proper task chairs can be configured to conform to the body’s needs. In particular, provide adjustable armrests, lumbar support, comfortable seat, and an adjustable range of height to match the work desk and its user.

Sit to Stand Desks

Global Furniture Foli Height Adjustable Work Desks

Height adjustable work desks or tables are notable furniture to add to your office to break up sedentary activities. Even a slight cardiovascular movement such as standing throughout the day increases an employee’s energy and alertness that help boost overall productivity. Incorporating a Sit to Stand Table with a manual or a motorized mechanism within a workstation is a practical solution that provides less disruption and encourages the user to move and change position to significantly decrease the adverse health effects caused by prolonged sitting.

Flexible Workstation

Global Furniture Bridges Benching System

System furniture offers versatile configuration based on the needs of the team.  It is modifiable to include storage space, ergonomic accessories such as adjustable monitor arms, and visual or auditory privacy without compromising the design or workflow of the office.

Efficiently designed workstations offer not only physical benefits but psychological benefits as well. Storage areas amended to the work desk can help the user be more organized and reduce office clutter.  System furniture can be fitted with divider panels providing separation without isolating the user.  These small changes can improve the mental health of employees diminishing depression and anxiety in an office environment. 

Breakout Areas

Concrete Cashmere Furniture Dealer

Global Furniture River™ Benching System

Allowing for a dedicated space for employees away from their work desks not only provides an area to relax, recharge, or be inspired but also offers many health benefits. Breakout areas can be factored into compliance with health and safety regulations which requires employees to take breaks. Some organizations may consider it wasted space, but functional modular benching furniture with interlocking capabilities and power/USB receptacles can be transformed as a small or informal meeting area.

Long Term Investment

Consider the positive impact of healthy and happy employees to your organization. Understanding your team’s needs is essential in developing a safe and productive working environment.  Investing in quality, comfortable furniture is an investment in your company’s bottom line.

Our furniture and design team can assist your company in choosing the right furniture for your office needs. We are an exclusive partner with some of the biggest furniture brands in Canada and the US.   Concrete Cashmere is a one-stop design-build and furniture sourcing firm that delivers a passion for design with thoughtful construction solutions to provide functional and inspiring workplaces. Contact us today.

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