Concrete Cashmere has been accepted into the City of Vancouver FIT Pilot Program

Fast Intake Track (FIT) is an initiative by the City of Vancouver to expedite permit processing times by up to 50%.

It “allows identified high-volume applicants for commercial Field Review permits to leave their applications with [them] to process upon successfully passing screening without further waiting for an ECO submission intake.” (Fast Intake Track (FIT) Pilot, 2019)

This program especially benefits small-scale tenant improvement projects like office renovations that require commercial field review applications. It does, however, exclude change of use projects or F&B services assignments.

According to the City of Vancouver, the development and permit application process has been continuously increasing since 2010. The goal is to essentially “help reduce costs and increase certainty for projects” being developed within the City. In order to continue to qualify for the program, applicants must meet the highest standards of quality, submission-ready applications.

What it Means for Our Clients

As a trusted design contractor by the City of Vancouver, we now have access to the accelerated screening process and shortened review schedule allowing for even faster turnaround time for our tenant improvement projects.

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