What is a Design-Build Company?

Design-build firms focus on providing a holistic approach to design and construction projects. The Design-build method considers the demands from all aspects of the project and prioritizes to save the client time and money. From matching the client’s vision with the contractors’ approaches, identifying industry limitations, and managing the delivery of the finished space, design-build firms take on all of the heavy liftings.

Traditional vs. Design-Build Project Delivery

Traditional Method

The traditional, or “Design-Bid-Build” (DBB) project delivery requires the owner to source all of the independent contracts needed for the project. This process begins with obtaining a completed design package prior to procuring construction services. The DBB design specifications are prescribed methods of delivery that contractors must comply with, which in turn often causes the misalignment in approaches and disagreement in values between the consultants. 

One of the most common issues with traditional delivery is overrun costs and scheduling conflicts because of the inflexibility of the design package. This leads to more change-orders that are often feuded over by the consultants on who’s to blame. DBB procurement is often lengthy and can be impractical for schedule-sensitive projects.

Design-Build Delivery

The Design-Build method believes in a single entity managing the entirety of the project. The owner has one point of contact for the project, while the Design-Build firm spearheads the design and construction with its trades. The Design-Build firm’s collaborative network ensures that the project runs smoothly with its key consultants taking accountability for their roles.

The challenge of operating a Design-Build team is its multifaceted approach. 
It involves a high degree of management and communication expertise from the project team to guarantee that each part of the project is on track. As a result, Design-Build firms typically take on the most risk.

Why choose a Design-Build company?


A Design-Build firm specializes in taking care of the project from start to finish. This means working from the initial design stage up to tenant move-in, coordinating every milestone of the project delivery until its completion. A full-service company offers a high degree of accuracy, coordination and project management, but most importantly, it saves the client considerable time and money.

Choosing a Design-Build company means leaving management worries at the door, so you can focus on your business and what you do best.


Our Value-Driven Approach


As a Vancouver Design-Build company, we see the whole picture while focusing on the details. We believe that a successful project does not only mean completion on-time and on-budget but also attaining the functionality of the space based on our client’s needs and expectations.

We take on extra measures to ensure that pre- and post-occupancy go as smoothly as possible. We save our clients time and money by optimizing internal and external communication.

Through our network of trusted consultants and trades team, we ensure the cohesiveness and quality of every project. Our team evolves with the industry’s requirements to reduce change orders and deliver better schedule controls.

Concrete Cashmere’s dedicated team of experts including interior designers and project managers are ready to bring your vision to life.

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